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The Dr Daisy Blog

Our Monthly blog by Dr Daisy

November 2017.

Let's talk about Xenoestrogens


What are xenoestrogens?

By definition, xenoestrogens are chemicals, which are not produced in the human body, but have estrogen-like effects.

It is important to note that not all xenoestrogens are harmful.

Now let’s also not get confused - Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) does not contain xenoestrogens. The estrogen in most HRT products - is a natural estrogen, chemically identical to the estrogen produced by the premenopausal ovary.

So this article - surprisingly - is not really about HRT at all! - but it is all about hormones.

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Dr Daisy

Dr Daisy Mae is a doctor and writer. She has worked extensively as a Specialist in Sexual & Reproductive Health, in the South of England. She has also worked in the field of Menopause for around 25 years, and latterly has run her own specialist Menopause Clinic.

Daisy has just published her first novel - Dating Daisy. She also has a Sexual Health Blog on The Huffington Post UK and writes for Dr Ed, the online doctor service. Daisy will be blogging for us once a month.

You can contact Dr Daisy with ideas and suggestions for the blog or on any specific topics you are interested in.

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