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HRT preparations: for Postmenopause

Please note: Patients should consult a health professional to decide on the appropriate treatment option to be prescribed.

Continuous combined therapies.

"Period free" or continuous combined therapy can be used by women who are 54 + yrs, or more than one year since last period at any age. The criteria should be fulfilled in order to offer such treatment to women who no longer have a continuing ovarian cycle, so that steady levels of both estrogen and progestogen can be achieved. When there are steady levels of estrogen and progestogen from daily administration of both, the womb lining stays thin. Although some bleeding in the first 6 months of therapy is common, there should not be bleeding after that and the lining does not go through the stages of stimulation and then shedding as it does during a normal cycle and with sequential therapy. Start with low dose preparations and increase as necessary for symptom control. The products marked * are licensed for osteoporosis treatment/prevention.

Prices for 84 tablets--3 months


a. Ultra low dose

Femoston conti low dose Estradiol 0.5mg, Dydrogesterone 2.5mg £24.43


b. Low dose

BIJUVE 1mg estradiol & 100mg Progesterone £24.43
FEMOSTON CONTI* 1 mg estradiol & 5mg dydrogesterone daily


INDIVINA 1+2.5* 1mg estradiol valerate & 2.5mg MPA daily


INDIVINA 1+5* 1mg estradiol valerate & 5mg MPA daily


KLIOVANCE* 1mg estradiol & 0.5 mgs norethisterone daily.


PREMIQUE LOW DOSE 0.3mg conjugated estrogen & 1.5mg MPA daily £6.52

c. Medium dose

INDIVINA 2+5* 2mgs estradiol valerate & 5 mg MPA daily.


d. Higher dose

ELLESTE DUET CONTI* 2 mgs estradiol & 1 mg norethisterone daily £17.02
KLIOFEM* 2 mgs estradiol & 1 mg norethisterone daily


NUVELLE CONTINUOUS* 2 mgs estradiol &1mg norethisterone daily


e. Gonadomimetic

LIVIAL* (TIBOLONE) 2.5mg gonadomimetic synthetic preparation with weak estrogenic, progestogenic & androgenic properties


Because of its androgenic component, Livial can be particularly helpful for postmenopausal patients with reduced libido.


Prices for 3 months

EVOREL CONTI* 2 x Weekly M Transdermal estradiol 50mcg & transdermal norethisterone 170 mcg for 28 days


FEMSEVEN CONTI Weekly M 50mcg estradiol and 7mcg levonorgestrel per 24 hours



Tailored continuous combined effect allows flexibility but is less convenient to take. Use any continuous  tablet or non-tablet (transdermal) estrogen with one of the following:-

PROVERA Medroxyprogesterone 2.5 or 5 mgs daily
UTROGESTAN Micronised progesterone 100mg at bedtime from day 1 to 25 of each 28 day cycle (licensed regimen), though taken every day is usually recommended

Patients should be advised to expect some bleeding in the first few months of treatment, but should have settled by six months. Any bleeding persisting beyond 6 months of continuous combined therapy, or bleeding occurring at a later date, should be investigated.

In situations when a higher than medium estrogen dose is needed and progesterone is taken separately, great care must be taken to ensure that the progesterone is adequate for protection of the womb lining. It should be noted that no data is available for the effect on the womb lining of varying doses of transdermal estrogen and Utrogestan.




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