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With Dr Heather Currie MBE, and others: A webinar on menopause to mark World Menopause Day 2023.
November 2023

With Dr Heather Currie MBE, and others: Redefining Menopause Care
Recorded 19th October 2023

Dr Heather Currie MBE: Menopause at work
20th January 2023

BBC Women's Hour: perspective on testosterone for women and HRT shortages
4th May 2022

For a balanced and authoritative 6 minutes summary of the current situation concerning HRT shortages and testosterone for women, listen to Paula Briggs, chair elect of the BMS, talking to Emma Barnett on Woman's Hour on 4th May 2022.

6 minute segment begins at 32:40
BBC account needed to listen online but you can download the mp3 file and listen offline.

WENTS & Friends - The M Word: Breaking the Taboo
4th April 2022

For National Menopause Day
18th October 2021.

From The BMS - Youtube video
Menopause: The Change is Here
Full version

Early Menopause, Osteoporosis and Bone Health
Facebook Video:

Living with the menopause
Youtube Video

Shortages of HRT are discussed by Dr Heather Currie - 7 Feb 2020
Radio programme:
TalkRadio: go to 9m:42s

Parents Show: Talking openly about the menopause, with Lydia, Seema and Dr Heather Currie - 3 Feb 2020
55 minute podcast featuring Dr.Currie.

The BMS video series on Youtube (Series One: 7 videos) - 18 Oct 2019
The Menopause Explained. (First one features Dr.Currie)
(Series Two: 7 videos) - 17 Jan 2020

Fertility Network Webinar Series - Menopause Matters: It's Good To Know by Dr Heather Currie - 12 Nov 2019
35 minute Youtube video featuring Dr.Currie.

The Women in Sport Podcast - Menopause and exercise - 18 Oct 2019
30 minute podcast featuring Dr.Currie.

Menopause: what are the symptoms and why does it happen? - 28 May 2019
Informative video compiled by the BBC on the menopause - why does it happen? What symptoms may you experience and what you can do to control them?.

BBC Health: Truth or Scare - 25 April 2019
Dr Currie on BBC Health: Truth or Scare - "Kevin meets some women who have been scared off hormone replacement therapy by fears that it might cause breast cancer".
Nb: In the UK you need a tv licence to listen to BBC iplayer content.

Week beginning 15th January 2018
Woman's Hour on BBC Radio 4 is dedicating the whole week to menopause -

Monday: Menopause phone-in - Listeners share their personal experiences.

Tuesday: Poll - how the menopause affects British women at work, in their relationships, and the treatments they found effective.

Wednesday: talking about the impact it's having on our relationships with our partners, family and friends. With Dr Heather Currie.

Thursday: Menopause and Work. Should women speak out at work, and what can employers do to support them?

Friday: Focus on treatments.

Sweat and tears; the truth about the menopause - Duration: 6mins 53s, 17 January 2017
A radio documentary finding the real truth about the menopause and the struggles women face in silence. On Soundcloud, by Lana Byrnes, featuring Dr Currie.
Sweat and tears

Video by Dr Currie: "What is the Menopause?" - Duration: 2mins 23s, 18 May 2016

Video by Dr Currie: "Effects of the Menopause" - Duration: 6mins 4s, 18 May 2016

Video by Dr Currie: "Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)" - Duration: 6mins 42s, 18 May 2016

BBC Women's Hour: "HRT - how to decide whether to take it or not" - 26 October 2015
Making a decision to take HRT or not can be a confused process. Consultant gynaecologist, and past chair of the British Menopause Society, Mr Tim Hillard discusses the research and specialist in women's health, GP, Dr Sarah Gray illustrates how she helps women to make a choice..
HRT - how to decide whether to take it or not

BBC Radio 4 "Rewinding the menopause" - 6 August 2015
A new program for Radio 4 explores new research into women's fertility and how it could one day help stave off the menopause, improving health and quality of life.
Rewinding the menopause

IMS Video Playlist - 5 January 2015
A series of seven short, easy-to-understand Youtube videos from the International Menopause Society

See them on Youtube here

BBC Radio 4 "Womans Hour" - 14 May 2014
Duration: 8 minutes.
Menopause and memory
Women who go through the menopause before the age of 40 are at greater risk of memory problems and poor reaction times, according to a new study.
It's the first item on the programme at about 1min 25secs in.
Menopause and memory

BBC Radio 4 "Womans Hour" - 18 April 2014
Duration: 11 minutes.
Menopause in the workplace.
Do women who suffer from menopausal symptoms in the workplace suffer discrimination? What can and should be done to help?
Menopause in the workplace.

BBC Radio 4 "Womans Hour" - 21 January 2014
Duration: 11 minutes.
Menopause symptoms and treatments.
Jane talks to Dr Heather Currie an Associate Specialist Gynaecologist at Dumfries and Galloway Royal Infirmary and founder of Menopause Matters.
Menopause symptoms and treatments.

BBC Radio 4 "Womans Hour" - 14 January 2014
Duration: 8 minutes. (Expires approx: 14 January 2015)
The Everlasting Menopause. How many of us expect to still be getting sweats in our 60s and beyond?
The Everlasting Menopause

TV Broadcast - Healthcare: What is the menopause? How to cope with the symptoms - 7 August 2013
Vaginal Dryness, a Tale of Neglect - Huffington Post article and video.
Duration: 8 minutes (Youtube)
What is the menopause? How to cope with the symptoms

TV Broadcast - Healthcare: Spotlight on the Menopause. - 18 June 2013
What are the symptoms and how can you beat them?
Duration: 22 minutes (Youtube)
Spotlight on the Menopause. What are the symptoms and how can you beat them

Online movie - October 2012
Watch a 6 minute movie.
Clarifying vaginal atrophy's impact on sex and relationships.
impact on sex and relationship

BBC Radio 4 "Womans Hour" - 13 December 2010
A special programme devoted to the menopause and Hormone Replacement Therapy.
menopause and Hormone Replacement Therapy

BBC Radio 4 "Womans Hour" - October 2010
Vaginal Atrophy
Vaginal Atrophy

Online movie - May 2009
What to expect from an Ultrasound Scan.
Ultrasound Scan

Online movie - May 2009
What to expect from a Hysteroscopy.

Online movie - October 2008
Watch a 4 minute movie.
Entitled "Breaking the silence", it deals with the common menopausal problem of vaginal atrophy and its treatment.
vaginal atrophy and its treatment

BBC Radio Scotland "Medical Matters" - August 2007
Dr.Currie talks about the beginnings of Menopause Matters and the importance of the help and support that women find through the website and the forum.
Four minutes and only 1.40Mb
the beginnings of Menopause Matters

Menocast four - March 2007
Dr.Currie discusses HRT.
Ten minutes and 4.11Mb

Menocast three - Jan 2007
Dr.Currie discusses alternative therapies for menopause symptoms.
Under seven minutes and only 2.75Mb
alternative therapies

BBC Radio Four 'Check Up' phone in - 14th December 2006
Dr.Currie appeared as a guest speaker on BBC Radio 4, Thursday 14th December, for  a phone-in on menopause and in particular on HRT and Alternatives. The programme is called Check up and the transcript can be read on the programme's website. *Click here for  Check up web site*
To listen to the podcast (25 minutes, 22Mb):
Check up

BBC Radio Four Casebook - 10th October 2006
Not a podcast, but you can listen online to Dr.Currie as guest speaker on BBC Radio Four's Casebook programme.
» Go to the Radio Four page.

Menocast two - Sept 2006
Dr.Currie discusses menopause symptoms.
Under six minutes and only 2.31Mb
menopause symptoms

Menocast one - June 2006
Listen to Dr.Currie's introductory overview of the menopause.
Seven minutes long and only 2.72Mb.
introductory overview of the menopause

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