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Questionnaires has been developed with the aim of providing relevant and useful information about managing the menopause.

Questionnaires are a useful way of getting feedback to further develop the site and increase our knowledge of how the menopause affects you. Replies from all questionnaires are kept anonymous. Results will be published in our Menopause Matters magazine and some results may be presented at scientific meetings and in medical literature.
We are very grateful to everyone who has completed a questionnaire so far.


Heart Survey, August 2017

A cross between a quiz and a questionnaire. Find out how much you know about heart disease and prevention.
Click here for the Heart Survey.

Menopause Matters Magazine Questionnaire, April 2015

A dozen or so questions - let us know what you think about the Menopause Matters Magazine.
Click here for the magazine questionnaire.

Menopause Matters Website and Internet Usage, February 2007

An updated survey regarding this website and the internet as a source of information.
Click here for the Internet Usage questionnaire.


Results of previous questionnaires

Partner Survey, June 2018 - August 2021

One for the men. How has your partner's menopause affected your relationship.
Partner Survey magazine article coming in the next issue.


What do you know about your bones?, January - August 2021

Bone health is another important aspect, which is affected by menopause. Osteoporosis (fragile bones) and osteoporotic fractures affect many women, with 1 in 2 women now expected to suffer from an osteoporotic fracture in their lifetime. It is hoped that this questionnaire will shed some light on current awareness, and will lead to an increased understanding of the problem, and of preventive measures that can be taken.
Click here for the magazine article.

Summary of the questionnaire - August 2007
Menopause and your libido.

Summary of the questionnaire - July 2006
Survey regarding contraception and safe sex.

Summary of the questionnaire - January 2006
Your views on alternative therapies.

Summary of the questionnaire - October 2005
Your views on HRT.

Summary of the questionnaire - August 2005
Survey regarding vaginal and bladder problems.

Summary of the questionnaire - October 2003
Survey regarding this website and the internet as a source of information.

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