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HRT Preparations

Please note: Patients should consult a health professional to decide on the appropriate treatment option to be prescribed.

There is a large variation in the individual's response to different types and routes of estrogen for symptom control. The products are divided into different groups according to dose and route, but for doses, these divisions are arbitrary. Products within the same dosage group are not exactly equivalent. For each type of estrogen, the lowest dose available is included in the "Low dose" group and within each dosage group, change to a different type of estrogen may have a better effect on symptom control. The products marked * in this section, are licensed for prevention and/or treatment of osteoporosis. The wide range of types and routes of estrogen and progestogen allows flexibility and enables treatment to be individualised. Prices indicated generally represent 28 days treatment cost.

Information Leaflet: HRT - types, doses and regimens - Sep 2021. 3 pages (67Kb)

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