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Print your own Menopause Matters info cards and poster


You can print a Menopause Matters poster to tell others about us.

« Click on the image to see a larger version.
The poster is in PDF format (7.2Mb), designed to be printed at A4 size.
Download it here.

Info cards.


Two different, print-quality cards. PDF file, only 118K.
Download here.

International Menopause Society

Leaflets from Women's Health Concern

The Women's Health Concern website has a » Menopause Wellness Hub

The WHC also has a collection of information leaflets available to download
See the full list of the Women's Health Concern leaflets here.

NHS inform

NHS inform: womens health: menopause and post menopause health. »


The BMS has developed a series of short videos covering some of the key topics in menopause care by leading specialists in their field. » BMS TV

Breast cancer risk

» A downloadable diagram showing the relative risks of breast cancer with HRT, alcohol and obesity (PDF 186Kb) updated 23 May 2016

Menopause and HRT after hysterectomy

» Menopause and HRT after Hysterectomy 2019 (pdf file, 3 pages, 60K, updated 9 April 2019)

Vaginal atrophy checklist

Download a checklist of symptoms you can print out and take to your GP or nurse to help you start a discussion: PDF (47K)
updated 24 Jan 2022

Self Care Forum Factsheet

» The Menopause. NHS Publication: (PDF)
Added 1 Dec 2022

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