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Print your own Menopause Matters info cards and poster


You can print a Menopause Matters poster to tell others about us.

Click on the image to see a larger version.
The poster is in PDF format (326Kb), designed to be printed at A4 size.
Download it here.

Info cards.


Two different, print-quality cards. PDF file, only 118K.
Download it here.

IMS GP information booklet October 2017

Changes before the change. Subtitle: Perimenopausal bleeding. PDF file, Oct 2017. 6 pages (102Kb)
Changes before the change

HRT Guide

PDF file, May 2016. 2 pages (251Kb)
HRT Guide

Breast cancer risk

A downloadable diagram showing the relative risks of breast cancer with HRT, alcohol and obesity (PDF 186Kb) updated 23 May 2016

Leaflets from Women's Health Concern

The Women's Health Concern website also has a collection of information leaflets available to download.
See the Women's Health Concern leaflets here.

Pre-Menstrual Syndrome (PMS)

PDF file, 8 pages, 160Kb
PMS 2013.pdf

Added: 10 December 2013

Vaginal atrophy - a change with the menopause

PDF file, 4 pages long and about 4Mb

There are also other language versions in the download directory at:

Added: 28 September 2010

Vaginal Health Leaflet

Vaginal Health - A personal guide to the menopause.
(pdf file, 2 pages, 339Kb, added 5th August 2010)

Vaginal atrophy checklist

Download a checklist of symptoms you can print out and take to your GP or nurse to help you start a discussion: PDF (47K) or Word (47k)
added 9 April 2009

Dexa Scan Leaflet

pdf file (pdf file, 2 pages, 118K, added 1 March 2011)

Osteoporosis Booklet

pdf file (pdf file, 8 pages, 359kb, added 1 March 2011)

Advice for Healthy Bones

pdf file (pdf file, 4 pages, 89kb, added 1 March 2011)

After Menopause Booklet

After Menopause Booklet (pdf file, 6 pages, 218k, added 6th November 2012)

What is HRT?

What is H.R.T?, Risks and benefits of H.R.T., Side-effects, Conclusion, Useful resources.
HRT2013 (pdf file, 6 pages, 110K, updated 10 Dec 2013)

What is the Menopause?

What is the menopause 2013 (pdf file, 6 pages, 350K, updated 10 Dec 2013)

Menopause and HRT after hysterectomy

Menopause and HRT after Hysterectomy 2013 (pdf file, 4 pages, 100K, updated 10 Dec 2013)

Alternatives to HRT

Alternatives to HRT 2013 (pdf file, 6 pages, 127K, updated 10 Dec 2013)

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