Menopause Matters Magazine

Menopause Matters Magazine

Issue 60

In this issue:
Your care during Covid-19.
Avoiding meltdown in the lockdown.
Unusual bleeding.

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June 2020.

The only magazine of its kind, specifically written for women who are approaching or experiencing the menopause.
Published in 4 quarterly issues.
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Latest Article

va"Confusion around vaginal estrogen."

Lack of estrogen can cause dryness and thinning of the vaginal tissues making intercourse uncomfortable or even painful.

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Issue 59

March 2020:
HRT decision making guide.
Rebooting your midlife mind.
Menopause & the family.
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Issue 58

Winter 2019:
HRT & breast cancer risk.
Obesity and menopause.
How can a menopause specialist help?
Finding your mojo.
How can yoga help?
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Issue 57

Autumn 2019:
Sex after the Menopause
Coping with Menopause at work
CBT - What could it do for you?
HRT Shortages
Menopause and Hysterectomy
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Issue 56

Summer 2019:
Waking up to the Menopause
Let's keep talking HRT
Leaking is no laughing matter
Menopause in Parliament
Bioidenical HRT
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