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Press Pack

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1. Dr Heather Currie, Portrait.
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Dr. Heather Currie
2. Dr Heather Currie, Portrait.
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Dr. Heather Currie
3. Dr Heather Currie, Portrait.
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Dr. Heather Currie
4. Dr Heather Currie, Portrait.
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Dr. Heather Currie

fingertipsMenopause Essentials

Books by Dr. Heather Currie

Answers at your fingertips.
Commended at the BMA Medical Book Competition Awards 2007.

Menopause Essentials
Kindle edition available.

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Menopause + Premature Menopause + Menopause Symptoms + Bleeding Problems + Vaginal Problems + Bladder Matters Menopause and HRT after Hysterectomy Treatments + Diet, Lifestyle & Exercise + Menopause at Work Hormone Replacement Therapy + HRT Preparations + Prescribable non-HRT Testosterone Alternative Therapies + Alternative Techniques Decision Tree Contraception + Osteoporosis + Heart Disease + A to Z of menopause and medical conditions Magazine Shop More + News Press Archive Leaflets Books Multimedia Testimonials Dr Currie Blog Dr Daisy Blog Kozma Blog Katie's Fitness Skin, Hair & Beauty Supported By Commercial Opportunities Bibliography Disclaimer & Privacy Links Press Pack