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Your opinons on the Menopause Matters Magazine

13 April 2015

Many thanks for visiting this web page to complete our survey. In collecting this information we hope to make the Menopause Matters Magazine better for you.

About You
1. Age group Under 30
Over 60
2. Menopausal status not yet at “the change”
undergoing the change
through the change
About the Menopause Magazine
3. How did you hear about the magazine? Menopause Matters website
Social Media: Facebook/Twitter/Blogger
From doctor/practice nurse
Spa, Gym or Yoga Studio
Other (please state)
4. Do you find the content informative? Yes    No
5. Do you find the content easy to understand? Yes    No
6. Is the design... Good
7. Are the advertisements useful? Yes    No
8. Advertisements: are there... Too many
Too few
About right
9. Number of pages: are there... Too many
Too few
About right
10. The magazine is currently published four times per year.
How often would you like it see it published?
keep at four times per year
Every two months
11. Are you satisfied with the packaging and delivery of the magazine? Yes    No
12. Would you like to see a "Dear Heather" page featuring readers letters? Yes    No
13. Are there any other topics or features that you would like to see included? Please state:

For your information...

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