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An updated re-run of our first questionnaire.
Survey regarding this website and the internet as a source of information.

This website has been developed with the aim of providing relevant and useful information about managing the menopause. We welcome feedback on the site and suggestions about future improvements. We would be grateful, therefore, if you could take a few minutes to answer the following questions. Individual responses are anonymous and treated in the strictest confidence.

About you
1 Gender Female Male
2. Age group Under 30
Over 60
3. Menopausal status not yet at “the change”
undergoing the change
through the change
4. Where do you live?


About your use of Menopause matters

  1. On how many occasions have you visited

    1 (including this occasion)

  2. Why have you visited on this occasion?
    (Please tick all that apply)

    Searching for information about the menopause / HRT for myself.
    Searching for information about the menopause / HRT for a partner / friend.
    Directed to the site via a search engine.
    Directed to the site from another website.
    Have previously visited and returned for further information.
    Site recommended to me.

  3. Thinking about the site in general, please rate your agreement with each of the following statements, using the scale from strongly disagree to strongly agree.
    (Please select one box per statement)

     Strongly disagree Disagree Neither disagree or agree Agree Strongly Agree
    Information is useful
    Content is relevant
    Appearance & layout are attractive
    Information is credible

  4. How likely would you be to use this website again?
    (Please tick box as appropriate)
    Not at all Fairly unlikelyUnsureFairly likelyVery likely
    Likelihood to use this website again


Thinking about how the website could be improved

  1. What other information would you like to see included on Menopause Matters?


About sources of information on the menopause
  1. Below is a list of possible ways in which you may have accessed information about the menopause / HRT.
    1. Please indicate which of these sources (if any) you have ever used to find out information about the menopause/HRT
    2. Please indicate how informative each of these sources has been.
      (Please tick box(es)

    Sources of Information A). Which have you used ? B) How informative are each?
    Not at all Not very Neither Fairly Very
    General Practitioner (GP)
    Practice nurse
    Hospital doctor
    Family / Friends
    Magazines / Newspapers
    Telephone helplines
    Internet sites
    Patient help groups

    Other Information Source:


Other information
  1. Internet use (Please tick all that apply)

    A). Do you have access to the internet at:
    B). Do you use the internet to search for health information at:

  2. Where do you connect to the internet? (tick all that apply)

    At home
    At work
    At public facility (eg library, internet café)

  3. What time of day do you use most for accessing the internet?


  4. Have you ever sought health information other than menopausal issues from the internet?


  5. I am confident with information I receive from the internet if: (tick all that apply)

    It is part of an established health group or institution
    It is written by health professionals
    It has been promoted by celebrities
    It is kitemarked
    It is linked to by a recognised authority
    Not bothered

    Thank you for your time!     

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