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Summary of Alternative therapies

Results posted: June 20 2007

Summary of the first questionnaire - October 2003
Survey regarding this website and the internet as a source of information:

The first 100 responses received from the first questionnaire were analysed and the initial findings were as follows:

Responses were mostly from British (96%), females (98%), aged 41-50 (70%) and 51-60 (22%). The majority were either "going through the menopause" (53%) or were "about to start" (30%).
Feedback was generally very positive and the information has been used to further develop the site, including addition of the much used forum which was requested by 51% of respondents.

Overall a positive response was provided by 95%

Produced a positive response of 81%
Have you previously used the internet for menopause information?
61% replied as YES and 39% as NO. Of those responding YES, 98% had found the information useful.

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