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Summary of Views on HRT

Results posted: June 20 2007

Summary of the second questionnaire - August 2005
Survey regarding vaginal and bladder problems:

Menopausal symptoms under-reported and under-treated

A recent online survey of users of the menopausematters website revealed sobering results. The study addressed women’s experience of bladder symptoms, vaginal dryness, vaginal irritation and discomfort during intercourse.

Nearly half of women completing the questionnaire (49.8%) reported one or more of the following bladder symptoms, passing urine more often, discomfort when passing urine and leaking of urine. However only 21% of those with any of those symptoms had discussed it with a health professional and only 9% had been prescribed treatment. 2% had used non-prescribed, “over the counter” preparations and 89% had not had any treatment.

46.2% of women reported troublesome vaginal symptoms. However, of those with symptoms, only 25% had discussed their symptoms with a health professional and only 10% had been prescribed treatment, despite the fact that very effective treatments are available. A further 27% had used “over the counter” preparations and 63% had not had any treatment at all.

These results are sobering. They confirm the findings of studies conducted over 10 years ago, showing that many women are still suffering embarrassing symptoms in silence.

Despite increasing publicity that safe, effective treatments are now available, women are still reluctant to discuss problems with their health professionals and health professionals are slow to prescribe. Increasing awareness of these issues must still be regarded as a priority in women and in health professionals dealing with menopausal health.

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