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Menopause News

Menopause News
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Item Date
Black Cohosh Evidence Inconclusive 25 September 2012
Early Menopause Doubles CVD Risk Regardless of Race 25 September 2012
New Consensus Statement on use of HRT 30 July 2012
The Women's Health Initiative study and Hormone Therapy - what have we learned 10 years on? 22 May 2012
Early menopause increases risk of Osteoporosis 8 May 2012
HRT use after Heart attack 8 May 2012
Hormone Therapy Aids Postural Balance in Postmenopausal Women 8 May 2012
Heart disease risk awareness. 17 April 2012
Women who use estrogen-only form of (HRT) appear less likely to develop breast cancer in the longer term 8 March 2012
Does hormone replacement therapy cause breast cancer? An application of causal principles to three studies. 17 January 2012

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