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Menopause News

Menopause News
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Item Date
HRT prescription cost cut welcomed in England 1 November 2021
BMS and ITN News - new programme "Menopause: The Change is Here" 8 September 2021
Women's Health Plan 20 August 2021
Dr Heather Currie Awarded the MBE in Queen's Birthday Honours 12 June 2021
Fractures in women should be taken seriously. 24 May 2021
Black cohosh helpful for menopausal symptoms 17 May 2021
Laser treatment helpful for genitourinary syndrome of menopause (GSM) 10 May 2021
Risk factors in early postmenopausal osteopenic women - can exercise help? 26 April 2021
Pregnancy complications and later cardiovascular risk. 26 April 2021
Premature Menopause May Increase Pulmonary Hypertension Risk 19 April 2021

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November 2015 saw the launch of the first NICE Guideline on the diagnosis and management of the menopause. This is certainly playing an important role in raising awareness of all menopausal symptoms and in encouraging women to consider lifestyle changes to improve later health. The Guideline also clarifies uncertainty - both for women and for healthcare professionals - around both prescribed and non-prescribed treatment options.

fashionFashion Tips at the Menopause

The menopause isn't called 'the change' for nothing, and some of the changes you face may involve what you wear and what you buy. Of course, with the correct choices we can all still look good and make the most of our assets. lf you've got great legs, toned arms or a curvy figure, use the confidence that comes with age to show off your good points and continue with your own signature style in your usual manner.

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Ten key points from NICE guideline

Menopausal Mood Swings - How The Menopause Makes You Angry

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