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Menopause News

Menopause News
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Item Date
Risk of recurrent thrombosis affected by type of HRT 31 May 2011
BMS Statement: Hope for Women - Essential recommendations 19 May 2011
Age effects of HRT on Mortality and Heart disease 9 May 2011
How long do flushes go on? 3 May 2011
Cardiovascular disease remains the single largest cause of death in women 9 March 2011
Breast cancer incidence and hormone therapy in Canada 22 Feb 2011
Hysterectomy under age 50 increases risk of heart disease 22 Feb 2011
Isoflavones May Reduce Insomnia Symptoms in Postmenopausal Women 22 Feb 2011
Estrogen only use in postmenopausal women reduces the incidence of breast cancer. 14 Dec 2010
Hormones May Reduce Gastric Cancer Risk in Women 1 Dec 2010

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