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Menopause news

Title Further update on HRT supply shortages
Date 25 September 2019
Full Story The British Menopause Society (23 Sept 2019) has produced this further update on the current availability of HRT products in response to the ongoing HRT shortages. The objective of this is to provide guidance to BMS members and clinical practitioners who may be experiencing difficulties with HRT supplies.

There continues to be availability issues with many HRT products, either related to manufacturing shortages or supply issues. The BMS has been informed that these are temporary shortages which pharmaceutical companies and their suppliers are addressing. The BMS has been in discussion with the manufacturers as well as the RCOG, FSRH and the Medicine Supply Team at the Department of Health and Social Care to explore this ongoing issue and to provide up to date information on HRT product availability.

In the meantime, prescribers can continue to consider equivalent preparations that provide a similar dose to that which their patient is using. If an exact match is not possible, prescribers can seek guidance available on our interactive charts:
UK Professionals
Irish Professionals
General Public
and on the practical prescribing chart on the BMS website, to clarify equivalent doses.

Consideration could also be given to prescribing estrogen and progestogen separately to make the closest match or find a suitable alternative.

Different brands for the same medication may vary in appearance or excipients. However, they would provide equivalent amounts of hormones when used in similar doses.

BMS members can post prescribing queries on the BMS forum if any clarifications are required.

The information on stock availability and supplies was obtained from the pharmaceutical companies producing these products and can be seen in full on The BMS website article.

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