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Menopause News

Menopause News
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Item Date
Avoidance of Hormone Therapy may have harmed hysterectomy patients: Study 18 Jul 2013
Embrace the Change - free online magazine 19 June 2013
New study reveals that British women are 50% less likely to access local oestrogen treatment for common menopausal symptoms, compared to women in Europe and North America 17 June 2013
BMS Council Consensus Statement on HRT 23 May 2013
Press Release: HRT - Clarity at last! 23 May 2013
Global consensus statement on menopausal hormone therapy. 5 April 2013
Breast cancer and HRT, fact or fiction? 20 March 2013
National shortage of testosterone. 17 January 2013
HRT and cardiovascular prevention 10 October 2012
KEEPS trial results 10 October 2012

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