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Menopause News

Menopause News
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Item Date
HRT lowers risk of colo-rectal cancer 11 Sept 2009
HRT News - good and bad 4 August 2009
Safety and effect of Black Cohosh and Red Clover for hot flushes 3 August 2009
The menopause transition and hormone use: effects on cognitive performance in midlife women 23 June 2009
Change of prescribing advice announcement for Vagifem. 16 April 2009
No menopause please, we're British. 6 March 2009
HRT and skin cancer. 4 March 2009
HRT - Summarising the risks and benefits. 8 Jan 2009
Could HRT really reduce risk of breast cancer? 29 Sept 2008
Study shows improved quality of life for older women on HRT 22 Aug 2008

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