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 on: Today at 09:21:11 PM 
Started by jaycee - Last post by jaycee
Thank you for your reply,did you have any bad side effects? i have normal to low blood pressure but no side effects as yet, i am over 65,and did it work fairly quickly

 on: Today at 09:19:39 PM 
Started by littleminnie - Last post by Shadyglade
Virus is only high in certain areas of northern England. I'm in the North, and our area is level 1 or medium. Personally Wales doing a two week lockdown is a good idea, whether it works is another matter, also think the rest of the country should follow.

No thanks. 

We have around 30 per 100,000 in Kent.  What would be the point??

 on: Today at 08:58:48 PM 
Started by catweazle7 - Last post by jillydoll
Thank you Jeepers.
Hope your feeling a bit better too. xx

 on: Today at 08:56:02 PM 
Started by bramble - Last post by jillydoll

She's sown two

 on: Today at 08:52:21 PM 
Started by catweazle7 - Last post by Jeepers
Thanks jolly doll for your kind words

In glad you have had a good day.

Jeepers xx

 on: Today at 08:51:59 PM 
Started by Penguin99 - Last post by dahliagirl
I have started with something like this since the central heating went back on.

I also had a good clean of the house which set off my allergies again.

I am on the sterimar  ::)  and plenty of water.

 on: Today at 08:48:10 PM 
Started by CLKD - Last post by jillydoll


 on: Today at 08:44:59 PM 
Started by CLKD - Last post by jillydoll
🙀 I found a dark 'whisker' just above my top lip today. 🙀
Pulled it out with tweezers straight away. It was a real 'blokes' whisker too! 😂.  🤦🏼‍♀️

 on: Today at 08:42:43 PM 
Started by Debs1 - Last post by SJH48
I was put on Novofem when Elleste Duet was unavailable after I'd been on that for 3 months, then put on Femoston 2/10 because a few days before my period was due, I felt totally wiped out and more rubbish than normal, with awful digestive problems that made me not want to leave the house. When I first started on the Femoston I felt awful for quite a few weeks (luckily during lockdown) but not as bad now. I can't remember if I felt the same when I started on Novofem as it seems so long ago now, but I certainly got a bit better with my last switch in HRT - I was almost at 6 months though and had a couple of calls to the doctor with me crying down the phone saying that I wanted to stop the HRT. I've been reading up on natural progesterone and keen to hear of anyone who's tried it too as I think that's the next route I'd like to take, as I still get rubbish days of feeling generally unwell.

 on: Today at 08:38:59 PM 
Started by CLKD - Last post by dahliagirl
I have some m&s face exfoliator - it stinks of grapefruit and when you massage it in, it turns into little bits, like when you have done too much rubbing out on your school exercise book.  It seems to be good at stopping the hairs making big lumps under the skin which is a huge blessing, as they hurt.

I tried letting them grow to give my face a break during the last two weeks.🦔

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