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Magazine: Selected Back-Issue Articles

mobilitySee all our fitness articles on one page

Back issue articles from our fitness experts Kathleen Stewart and Debbie Roy, designed to keep you fit.

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info"Bio Identicals"

From the magazine, winter 2016

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» "Bio Identicals"

info"More Information Needed"

Survey results, sex life, NICE Guideline 2016/p>

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» "More Information Needed"

indiaReflections from India

Taking part in the Indian Menopause Society Conference, Spring 2016

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» Reflections from India

GSMGSM - genitourinary syndrome of the menopause

The ultimate guide for painless sex

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» GSM - genitourinary syndrome of the menopause

image by babasteve. Creative common licenseVaginal atrophy - the taboo subject

Following an online survey, 88% of women said they had a problem with vaginal dryness. Dr Heather Currie and Professor Grant Cumming examine the findings and give advice about treatments.

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» Vaginal atrophy - the taboo subject

sex toysSex Toys

Sex toys are no longer sleazy, tacky or sold in back street shops; you can get them now literally gold-plated. Nor are they only for the lacking, lonely or weird - a huge proportion of women (slightly fewer men) use them and research suggests that those who do are are more, not less, likely to have good sex lives and solid relationships.

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» Sex Toys

bladder problemsHRT - What's the latest?

Many women remain confused and worried about the use of HRT for menopausal symptoms. Dr Heather Currie examines the latest findings about this treatment and discusses the pros and cons to help you make an informed choice.

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» HRT - What's the latest?

bladder problemsIs your bladder ruling your life?

Bladder control problems can be worsened at the time of the menopause. Dr Heather Currie examines the types, causes and explains treatment options available.

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» Is your bladder ruling your life?

Perils of the PerimenopausePerils of the Perimenopause

The perimenopause can be a stage of changing periods and early menopausal symptoms, changes which can often vary from month to month causing confusion and unpredictable inconveniences.

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» Perils of the Perimenopause

breast examBreast cancer: risk factors and treatments

Breast cancer is the most commonly occurring female cancer in developed countries but earlier diagnosis and improvements in treatment are resulting in the majority of women surviving the disease. In the United Kingdom, whilst 44,000 women are diagnosed every year, 12,000 die from their breast cancer and this number is likely to fall even further.

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» Breast cancer: risk factors and treatments

suits youSpecial Report - Bleeding.

Some women reaching the menopause often have trouble with their periods but most celebrate the “freedom” from this monthly cycle. However, argues Dr Heather Currie, is there any need to put up with them at all?

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» Special Report - Bleeding

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» Download Special Report - Bleeding

suits youSuits you ma'am?

Bioidentical hormones: what are they?

The use of bioidentical hormones to control menopausal symptoms is gathering momentum as an alternative therapy to HRT. Dr Heather Currie examines the value of this treatment and whether it deserves the celebrity attention it is receiving...

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» Bioidentical hormones: what are they?

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» Download Bioidentical hormones: what are they?

sex driveHow to boost your sex drive.

It is quite natural for women to lose sexual desire as a result of changes in their bodies that relate to the menopause or with their stage of life, however, there are treatments to restore libido and reduce tensions, says Dr Heather Currie.

The menopause can affect female sexuality and relationships by various means and sexual problems often occur both with the menopause and with ageing. Sexual problems are estimated to occur in 5% of sexually active women in middle age, yet many women do not disclose the problem...

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» How to boost your sex drive

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» Download How to boost your sex drive

heartHormones and the Heart.

It is important for women at the time of the menopause and beyond to be aware of the factors that can lead to heart disease. The results of trials are awaited and consequently there is not enough evidence to suggest that H T protects against cardiovascular disease, however, when used for symptom control in the early years it will not harm heart health, writes Dr Heather Currie.

Read the full article:
» Hormones and the Heart

Download the full article as a PDF (465k)
» Download Hormones and the Heart

wake upWake up to sex at 50!

The 1st question that you may be asking is “Why 50?” The answer is that the magical age of 50 is associated with the menopause, and traditionally with being “past it”, “over the hill”, “long in the tooth”, “not a spring chicken” and regarding sex, definitely “too old for that sort of thing!”

Read the full article:
» Wake up to sex at 50!

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