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HRT Preparations (USA)

American information

Active Ingredients
Frequency of Dosing
CENESTIN Synthetic conj. estrogens, A Tablets 0.3mg, 0.45mg, 0.625mg, 0.9mg, 1.25mg Once daily
ENJUVIA Synthetic conj. estrogens, B Tablets 0.3mg, 0.45mg, 0.625mg, 0.9mg, 1.25mg Once daily
ESTRACE Estradiol (micronized) Tablets 0.5mg, 1mg, 2mg Once daily
FEMTRACE Estradiol Tablets 0.9mg, 1.8mg Once daily
MENEST Esterified estrogens Tablets 0.3mg, 0.625mg, 1.25mg, 2.5mg Once daily
OGEN Estropipate1 Tablets 0.625mg, 1.25mg, 2.5mg Once daily
ORTHO-EST Estropipate1 Tablets 0.625mg, 1.25mg Once daily
PREMARIN Conj. estrogens Tablets 0.3mg, 0.45mg, 0.625mg, 0.9mg, 1.25mg, 2.5mg Once daily
ALORA Estradiol Patch (matrix) 0.025, 0.05, 0.075, 0.1mg/day Twice weekly
CLIMARA Estradiol Patch (matrix) 0.025, 0.0375, 0.05, 0.06, 0.075, 0.1mg/day Once weekly
DIVIGEL Estradiol Gel (topical) 0.25, 0.5, 1mg/packet Once daily
ELESTRIN Estradiol Gel (topical) 0.87g/pump Once daily
ESTRADERM Estradiol Patch (reservoir) 0.05, 0.1mg/day Twice weekly
ESTRASORB Estradiol Emulsion (topical) 1.74g/pouch 2 pouches once daily
ESTROGEL Estradiol Gel (topical) 1.25g/pump 1 pump once daily
EVAMIST Estradiol Spray (topical) 1.53mg/spray Initially 1 spray daily; may increase to 2–3 sprays if needed
MENOSTAR Estradiol Patch (matrix) 0.014mg/day Once weekly
VIVELLE Estradiol Patch (matrix) 0.05, 0.1mg/day Twice weekly
VIVELLE-DOT Estradiol Patch (matrix) 0.025, 0.0375, 0.05, 0.075, 0.1mg/day Twice weekly
ESTRING Estradiol Ring 7.5micrograms/24hours Once every 90 days
FEMRING Estradiol Ring 0.05mg/day, 0.1mg/day Once every 3 months
PREMARIN Conj. estrogens Cream 0.625mg/g As instructed
VAGIFEM Estradiol Vaginal tablets 10micrograms Once daily for 2 weeks, then twice weekly
AYGESTIN Norethindrone acetate Tablets 5mg Once daily
PROMETRIUM Progesterone (micronized) Capsules 100mg, 200mg, 300mg Once daily
PROVERA MPA Tablets 2.5mg, 5mg, 10mg Once daily
PREFEST Estradiol (3 tabs); then estradiol + norgestimate (3 tabs) Tablets 1mg; then 1mg + 0.09mg Once daily, sequentially
PREMPHASE Conj. estrogens (14 tabs); then conj. estrogens + MPA (14 tabs) Tablets 0.625mg; then 0.625mg + 5mg Once daily, sequentially
ACTIVELLA Estradiol + norethindrone acetate Tablets 0.5mg + 0.1mg; 1mg + 0.5mg Once daily
ANGELIQ Estradiol + drospirenone Tablets 0.5mg + 0.25mg; 1mg + 0.5mg Once daily
FEMHRT Norethindrone acetate + ethinyl estradiol Tablets 0.5mg + 2.5micrograms
1mg + 5micrograms
Once daily, continuously Note: Progestin listed first
PREMPRO Conj. estrogens + MPA (28 tabs) Tablets 0.3mg + 1.5mg, 0.45mg + 1.5mg,
0.625mg + 2.5mg, 0.625mg + 5mg
Once daily, continuously
CLIMARA PRO Estradiol + levonorgestrel Patch (matrix) 0.045mg + 0.015mg/day Once weekly
COMBIPATCH Estradiol + norethindrone acetate Patch (matrix) 0.05mg + 0.14mg/day
0.05mg + 0.25mg/day
Twice weekly

This is not an inclusive list. Indications vary among products. For more information see the product listings in this section or contact the manufacturer.

For combination products, the estrogen component is listed first. Strengths listed are not necessarily the same as the dosage. Frequency of dosing is that used for HRT; other uses may have other frequencies. Some products are given cyclically.

1Formerly piperazine estrone sulfate. Tablet strengths given as mg sodium estrone sulfate. Matrix patch: Estradiol is embedded in the adhesive layer that is applied directly to the skin.

Reservoir patch: Estradiol is contained in a drug reservoir and its release is controlled by a copolymer membrane; contains more layers than matrix patch. MPA = medroxyprogesterone acetate.

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