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The Menopause Marketplace

The products and services on this page may be of interest to women who are experiencing the menopause but are NOT endorsed by Menopause Matters.
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Gel'O Cool Pillows and Mats

Gel'O Cool Pillows and Mats


It's time to get proactive! When you feel a hot flush coming on, grab a Gel'O Cool Pillow for instant relief. Remedies, treatments and lifestyle tweaks are great, but when the heat is on, a Cool Pillow can be a minor miracle.


Gel'O Cool Pillows and Mats are highly heat absorbing, so they naturally feel cool to the touch. As they absorb heat, the heat spreads through the material and away from you. It isn't magic- it will heat up as it absorbs warmth from your body, but by shifting position, keeping it at least partially exposed to the air, or putting it in the fridge or a cooler/picnic bag, it can provide a pleasantly cooling effect, just in the nick of time.


INSTANT COOLING: Perfect for hot flushes and night sweats as well as headaches, migraines, fevers and more.

MAXIMUM COMFORT: Soft cotton blend conforms to the body, making it perfect for placement under or over a pillow.

LEAKPROOF: Uses medical-grade material that will not leak if accidentally cut open.

PORTABLE: Folds easily; great for travel or outdoor activities.

QUALITY GUARANTEE: One-year warranty with dedicated customer care team.

What others say about the Cool Mat

"A neighbour recommended this when I complained of not getting back to sleep for hours when I wake up during the night with hot flushes. Works a treat. I put it in the fridge before bed and at 3 or 4am when I get flushes, I nip downstairs and slip this into my pillow case. Cools me down instantly and I'm back to sleep within 15 mins rather than 2 hours!" - LJB

"Highly recommend this mat! I have actually managed to get some sleep. Before using this mat I was only getting 2 to 3 hrs sleep a night due to hot flushes, now I am getting 7 to 8 hrs." - C. A. Pinion

"Brilliant bit of kit. Sleep so much better and no hot flushes or wet pillows." - Tellyaddict

"This is one of the best items i have bought, It really works! I place it under my head on the top of my pillow at night when i get really hot and within minutes it has a cooling soothing effect, perfect for hot weather and hot flushes." - Mrs T Walden

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Human Creations Gel'O

Visit us online: Human Creations Gel'O

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