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Summary of Alternative therapies

Results posted: June 20 2007

Summary of the third questionnaire - September 2005
Survey regarding vaginal symptoms:

Vaginal symptoms questionnaire results

From the 1018 women who completed the questionnaire, 53.6% of peri-menopausal women and 58% of menopausal women between ages 51 and 60 had experienced vaginal symptoms such as dryness, irritation or discomfort during intercourse. Of the respondents, 43% said that their symptoms were so severe that their sex lives were affected, with 26% admitting to making excuses to avoid having sex because of discomfort, yet 78% feel that it is important to continue an active sex life into old age. 54% of respondents reported feeling less confident as a result of their symptoms

Despite these symptoms being very common and often causing significant distress, it appears that women are not discussing the problem: 83% of women with vaginal symptoms had not discussed their problem with a health professional and 59% of women with vaginal symptoms even hide their symptoms from their partner.

Very effective, safe treatments are available for vaginal dryness and discomfort, yet 71.5% of those with vaginal discomfort were not using any treatment.

The results of this survey highlight that the symptoms of vaginal dryness and discomfort are very common, can have a significant adverse effect on sexual relationships and yet continue to be under-reported and under-treated. Women should not need to suffer in silence!

For more information on this important menopausal symptom see menopause symptoms.

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