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Menopause news

Black cohosh does not relieve menopausal hot flushes bmjupdates+ summary of study

18 Aug 2006

The latest paper to be summarised in bmjupdates+ is a randomised, placebo controlled crossover trial comparing a standardised preparation of black cohosh to placebo. The study found that the standardised preparation of black cohosh worked no better than placebo for relieving menopausal hot flushes. The bmjupdates+ summary concludes:

Despite promising findings from a pilot study, black cohosh did not work in this population of menopausal women who were selected because their breast cancer history or breast cancer risk meant they were unable to take hormone replacement therapy. There's still room for large, sound trials testing bigger doses, different dose schedules, or longer treatment periods. But for now, the weight of evidence does not support the routine use of black cohosh in these women.

full article here

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