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Menopause news

Updated NICE draft guideline for consultation

20 November 2023

The following news was published on the BMS website:

The NICE guideline: Menopause - Diagnosis and Management published in 2015 was a significant turning point in both raising awareness of the importance of menopause and in providing direction in management. However, updating is timely and very much welcomed.

It is well recognised that menopause care should be individualised as is emphasised, and so it is essential that women are aware of all treatment options. Greater emphasis on the importance and effectiveness of CBT is well placed, along with clear balancing of benefits and risks of HRT.

Genitourinary symptoms of menopause continue to be very common and often under recognised and under treated. The emphasis on offering a range of effective treatments should help address the problem.

Need for further research in certain areas has been highlighted and it is very much hoped that investment can be prioritised in this important area of women's health.

The BMS continues to provide evidence-based, peer-reviewed education and resources for healthcare professionals, together with accurate, authoritative, trustworthy information and guidance for women via the Women's Health Concern website.

Please find a link to the press release here and access to the draft Guideline here.

The consultation period for the draft Guideline runs from today, 17 November 2023 until Friday 5 January 2024. If you have not already registered as a Stakeholder and would like to, please go to the NICE website.

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