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Menopause news

Menopause practice standards

10 October 2022

Recently published Menopause practice standards, includes a standard on diagnosis, recommending that: In women aged 45 years and over presenting with menopausal symptoms, the diagnosis of perimenopause or menopause should be considered based on their symptoms alone, without confirmatory blood tests unless uncertainty about the diagnosis.

While we are aware that the symptoms of menopause are due to changing, and gradually decreasing hormones, particularly estrogen, the levels fluctuate significantly such that a blood test does not prove or disprove that hormonal changes are taking place, and does not influence the decision around management of symptoms. However, it is important to recognise the large range in types of symptoms and severity, such that diagnosis should not be made purely on the presence or not of the most well known symptoms, hot flushes and sweats.

See more about diagnosis at Menopause Symptoms - what happens and when.
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