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Menopause news

Title Exercise is good.
Date 2003
Full Story A study reported in Preventive Cardiology has shown that physically active women have healthier cardiovascular risk profiles and that if women increase their activity, their risk factor profiles improve. 520 women aged between 42 and 50 at intake, have had assessments made of their physical activity, blood pressure measurements, weight and blood tests measuring fasting insulin, lipids, lipoproteins and cholesterol. This analysis is part of an ongoing epidemiologic investigation into effects of menopause on risk for cardiovascular disease. Over the 16 years of the study, higher physical activity was associated with lower blood pressure, healthier lipid profile, lower fasting insulin levels and lower weight. When women increased their activity over time, their risk factor profiles improved and a decrease in activity was associated with deleterious changes in risk factor profiles. In conclusion, the findings of this study show that the cardiovascular risk factors of high blood pressure, triglycerides and fasting insulin and adiposity are influenced by changes in physical activity in middle aged women.
Prev. Cardiol. 6(1):22-28, 2003.

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