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Menopause news

An updated vision for menopause care in the UK

26 October 2020

Pressure on Department of Health and Social Care budgets and a lack of priority in addressing mid-life women's health and wellbeing continue to have a seriously detrimental effect, notably in the lack of UK-wide provisions for menopause services. The effects of menopause on physical and mental quality of life during the menopause transition and beyond, plus later health implications, are increasingly apparent.

With that in mind, the British Menopause Society has updated its vision for menopause care in the UK.

Menopause Matters own Dr Heather Currie, Kathy Abernethy and Mr Haitham Hamoda authored a consensus statement to update the BMS vision, which was first published in 2017.

Key Points

  1. Menopause is a major life event affecting all women in a variety of ways, both short and long term.
  2. All women should have access to accurate information, available in all forms and through all recognised sources.
  3. All healthcare professionals (HCPs) should have a basic understanding of the menopause and know where to signpost women for advice, support and treatment whenever appropriate. Every primary care team should have at least one nominated HCP with a special interest and knowledge in menopause.
  4. All HCPs with a special interest in menopause should have access to BMS Menopause Specialists for advice, support, onward referral and leadership of multidisciplinary education.
  5. With the introduction of the comprehensive BMS Principles and Practice of Menopause Care (PPMC) programme, the society is recognised throughout the UK as the leading provider of certificated menopause and post-reproductive health education and training for HCPs.
  6. Restrictions imposed by the coronavirus pandemic have been a springboard for the BMS to bring innovations to the services provided for its membership and for HCPs throughout the UK.

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