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Menopause news

Title Efficacy of a standardised acupuncture approach
Date 20 February 2019
Full Story Acupuncture has often been considered for treatment of menopausal symptoms in women who are advised, or prefer not to take HRT. Previous placebo controlled trials have not confirmed that acupuncture provides significant benefit. While the conclusion from this small study states that acupuncture produced a relevant reduction in moderate to severe menopausal symptoms, the lack of a placebo group using sham acupuncture, throws doubt on this conclusion.

Alternative therapies such as acupressure, acupuncture or homeopathy may help some women. More research is, however, required on the benefits from these therapies and, if they are used, this should be done with advice from qualified professionals.

In response to the BMJ study: Efficacy of a standardised acupuncture approach for women with bothersome menopausal symptoms: a pragmatic randomised study in primary care (the ACOM study)

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