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Menopause news

Date 5 August 2011
Full Story Following the MSD notice of cessation of the manufacture, distribution and supply of Estradiol (estradiol) 25 & 50 milligram implants circulated on 5 July 2011, the BMS has undertaken the following action:

· The chairman and chief executive met with the UK representative of MSD on 12 July to discuss the decision to withdraw the implants and to express concern at this decision.
· On 12 July, the chairman and chief executive wrote jointly to Dr Michael Rosenblatt, the chief medical officer of Merck & Co Inc (MSD). Our letter expressed extreme concern at the decision and urged that the company should revoke it for the health and wellbeing of a significant constituency of women in the UK and beyond. Dr Rosenblatt responded and confirmed that MSD did not plan to resume production and that there are a number of alternative therapeutic options available in the countries affected.
· BMS council members are investigating the possibility of similar products being imported from the US and Australia. Council members are also actively working with pharmacists who are looking into the quality control of the alternative implants products.

Once acceptable alternative suppliers have been sourced, contact details will be circulated.

We recognise that this is an issue of considerable concern, both to health professionals and to patients throughout the country. The International Menopause Society is in close touch with us, as its UK members are also worried at the immediate withdrawal of Estradiol implants.

We will continue to monitor and indeed influence the present unsatisfactory situation. Our society’s members will be kept abreast of developments. The Womens‘ Health Concern website is issuing a short statement which will be linked to ours, so that we can make as much information as possible available to the public.

Nick Panay, Chairman
Sara Moger, Chief Executive
1 August 2011

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