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Author Topic: Utrogestan and dizziness  (Read 3141 times)

flossie fiddler

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Utrogestan and dizziness
« on: April 05, 2023, 02:45:13 PM »

I’ve been taking Utrogestan 100mg orally nightly since the start of Dec 2022. All has been fine, sleeping very I’ve had 2 bouts of dizziness recently. One was minor on 17th March, after drying my hair upside down, I felt giddy when lifting my head up. It passed after an hour.

This morning, as soon as I got out of bed I felt really giddy, like being drunk and my tinnitus is through the roof. I’ve had a couple of colds since December, and this often leaves me with blocked ears, but never dizziness. I felt unsafe to drive today, and my head is still a little bit swimmy.

The only other thing I can think that might have caused it is that the last 2 nights I took my pills with a mug of warm milk at bedtime. I’m normally so good about not taking with food, and can get away with a cup of tea, and even managed to have milk an hour before I take the tablets with no ill effects.

Could the milk these last 2 nights have caused the dizziness? Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance