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Author Topic: Bleeding on continual HRT  (Read 549 times)


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Re: Bleeding on continual HRT
« Reply #30 on: Today at 06:28:42 PM »

Hi there - you quoted me: "Yes vaginal use of progesterone - much more is absorbed. In fact some research shows that you can use approx half the dose of prog when used vaginally than when used orally, and it also is thought to be held in the uterus making it even more effective. For higher doses of oestrogen I would always use it vaginally because high oral doses are not well tolerated as I previously said."

Your response "I presume, for clarity, you meant higher dose of Progesterone, not estrogen?"

I did mean oestrogen - and sorry my words were ambiguous. Sometimes it's difficult to see how it reads when i know what I mean  ;D !

What I meant was - if you are using higher dose of oestrogen, then you needs higher doses of progesterone to protect the endometrium (but there are only two doses of progesterone listed - 100 mg for continuous and 200 mg for cyclical), and that being the case, because women do not tolerate high doses orally I would always use the increased progesterone dose vaginally.

Sorry - about that - does that explain better?

Good luck with it all and please keep is updated!

Hurdity x
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