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Author Topic: Ive only gone and joined up!!!!  (Read 2953 times)


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Re: Ive only gone and joined up!!!!
« Reply #15 on: October 23, 2019, 03:03:43 PM »

Heavenlyblue, that's great you are on the treadmill and bike. Sorry to hear about your shoulder injury. Does your shoulder feel okay after exercising with this equipment? I ask because I live with chronic whiplash and when it was really tender I found the treadmill made it worse. However, I was really gripping the bars and therefore tensing my shoulders and neck...

I found an excellent yogi on You Tube. Her name is Adriene and she has a wide selection of various yoga programs for beginners to experts and I can't believe how much my neck, shoulders, feet and body in general have been feeling just 6 weeks later. Anyway, just thought I'd mention this because yoga seems very restorative for the body.

Good luck to you and I hope your injury heals quickly.

Hi there.  I can't do any gym work or classes.  All I can do is treadmill, walking on a slant and not gripping.  And sitting on the bike, not gripping.   I couldn't do the yoga classes there as it was a lot of arm and shoulder work.  But I could give that YouTube video a go and just miss out the upper body bits.    Having physio at the moment, I just hope it works, I have calcification on the left shoulder and as I had to put extra pressure on the right one, I have pain in that one as well.  I just hope physio works, desperate to get back to exercising.  It's been 18 months now. 
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