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Author Topic: Migraine - informative talk by Dr Anne McGregor: Menopause, Hormone & Migraine  (Read 569 times)


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Interesting talk by Dr Anne MacGregor - MENOPAUSE, HORMONES AND MIGRAINE

Well worth a listen.

NB: This is only a 10 minute preview of a longer talk - still lots of useful information though in this shorter clip.

Opening quote: "A hysterectomy is probably the most inappropriate management of menstrual migraine"

Oct 2018   **came off all HRT**
Age 58, early-ish meno @ 44
Highly progesterone intolerant and migraineur
Past regime: Panay, Long Cycle
Estraderm 25 patch twice weekly
Utrogestan 100mg x 10 nights, v-route, 6 weekly
Vagifem 3 times weekly
Ovestin cream sparingly
Yearly endo scan