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Author Topic: tummy and facial bloating - Femoston  (Read 2509 times)


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tummy and facial bloating - Femoston
« on: May 18, 2016, 07:56:07 AM »

HI there

Has anyone else had bloating around the tummy and on their face taking HRT?  I've just finished my first month of Femeston.  It has definitely stopped my hot flushes and I do feel generally better. which is so great!  :) 

However it sounds funny but I look different, and wondered if it was bloating around the face.  I also seem to have more bags under my eyes and wondered if this was toxins from the Femoston.

I am a very healthy eater and usually really slim.. so it isn't about what i am eating.  I now feel uncomfortable in my jeans and just look different around my face.  I know this shouldn't matter if I am feeling better in myself, but it does! 

Do you know if it is something that will settle down within a few weeks - or will I now look like this - it sort of makes me look so much older.  I am 46 and have actually been really lucky as people until the last month used to say I looked more in my early 30s.  This new look definitely makes me look more my age.  Should I get used to this or will it improve?

Thank you for any comments!

Phi x