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Author Topic: Dr.Currie in the press: The average menopause lasts...  (Read 11999 times)


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Re: Dr.Currie in the press: The average menopause lasts...
« Reply #15 on: June 06, 2015, 06:39:38 PM »

Hi and welcome MARAUDA
I went through meno in my mid 30s and have needed HRT for many years to protect my heart and bones. If you have been oestrogen deficient since 38 then you need to have your bones checked. I'm 59 and hope I can stay on HRT for a few more years yet so I can keep working - every time I come off HRT my symptoms make my life hell. If you are suffering get to the GP fast and insist on some treatment. Do read up all the info on this site and get back to us with questions.  DG x


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Re: Dr.Currie in the press: The average menopause lasts...
« Reply #16 on: June 07, 2015, 10:04:57 AM »

Hi Taz, Unfortunately like so many women I do not know when my last period was as I have not had one since 2009 which lasted for 6 months after coming off my contraceptive pill. I was having the contraceptive injections for over 7 years and my periods stopped when I was on it. Suddenly I started bleeding and it didn't stop for 6 months. I was back and forth to the doctors who suggested  after months of trying different tablets to control the bleeding to have a mirena coil fitted which stopped the bleeding once again. That was over 6 years ago. I am now on my second mirena coil which was fitted last year and still no periods although I did bleed a little for a day when it was fitted.
I have had one blood test done in 2009 when I started bleeding and was told I was in the early stages of the menopause I was 41 then and wasn't offered any more treatment other than the mirena coil.
I have coped well over the years with the flushes and night sweats only seeking help due to lack of sleep because they kept me awake at night. I haven't found any thing that really helps. Tried the herbal remedies, then HRT - Elleste Solo 1mg then 2 mg that didn't seem to work either. (could be I didn't take it long enough though, I really don't know). Some one suggested that vitamin E helps so that's what I am trying at the moment.
I am now suffering permanent brain freeze, I can't concentrate and I am finding it very difficult to do the easiest tasks of the day. I feel panicky because of this, feel like I am loosing control. I am a bit of a control freak I must admit.
The doctor has now given me antidepression tablets - citalopram 20mg which I believe take at least 2-4 weeks to see any improvement. Not sure I am able to wait that long.
I think I need to talk to some one who knows what they are talking about who is able to help me make an informed choice of what medication to try that might  actually help control my symtoms. There are too many choice's out there and different medications that I feel overwhelmed with the amount of info and what to try and I don't have the brain power anymore to even sieve through it all.
I hate blood tests and hate taking medications and i'm not over enthralled with taking antidepresion medication but what choice do I have.........  :(
Hence why I have enrolled on this site.
I apologise for this being so long winded but due to the lack of brain function I found it very difficult to write.
Regards Janice


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Re: Dr.Currie in the press: The average menopause lasts...
« Reply #17 on: June 07, 2015, 10:08:29 AM »

 :welcomemm: from me Janice - have a browse, menus top of screen.  Look round the various threads and if you post in any that seem appropriate, you won't get 'lost' on the Forum  ;)

You can being your own thread in the 'personal' area if you like!

Aso for Press - one can be quoted or parts taken from other articles without the Journalist having to ask permission  ::).  I have been mis-quoted at local level so often I don't offer comments any more nor do I buy that particular local paper!
Changes can be scarey, even when we want them!


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Re: Dr.Currie in the press: The average menopause lasts...
« Reply #18 on: June 07, 2015, 08:37:35 PM »


 :welcomemm: from me too.

Fortunately it would be very unusual for someone not to have reached menopause by 62, but yes the actual symptoms of flushes and sweats can go on for years and if you are going to be one of those women (and you don't know until you get there) then HRT is the best bet.

If your Mirena coil is controlling your bleeding then it would be far better for you to take perhaps a transdermal HRT (patch or gel) which would give you oestrogen along with the progestogen from the Mirena - and this will control your symptoms and be better for you than the medication you say you don't want to take ie the anti-depressants. The doctor should not have prescribed these for menopausal symptpoms but should have suggested a different type of HRT.

Replacing deficient oestrogen with bio-identical oestrogen ie the estradiol that is in the patches and the gel (and the Elleste too) is not like taking medication and certainly not like ADs. Personally I would stop these and get some oestrogen if you can!

Fine to take vits if you think you are deficient but far better also to make sure your diet is really healthy and you get most of what you need from that.

Hurdity x

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