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Author Topic: Natural remedies and HRT together?  (Read 5421 times)


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Natural remedies and HRT together?
« on: May 31, 2013, 04:41:12 PM »

Hi everyone!  After my worry about the Femseven Sequi patches, I've decided to keep going with them (only been using them 1 month and had a worry due to bad period) but am going to persist with them.  I've been advised that 3 months is the amount of time to give HRT.

I bought a stock of Menopol Plus a couple of months ago (these are Soya, Ginseng, Cranberry and Red Clover, all natural).  Do you think it would be OK to take one of these per day along with the HRT patch?  I'd like to use them if possible.  Does anyone else take natural supplements for menopause with their HRT?

Thanks ladies.  :)