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Author Topic: HRT - bleeding - how long?  (Read 8045 times)


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HRT - bleeding - how long?
« on: April 16, 2013, 02:18:19 AM »

Menapause over 10 years ago, but for the last two years I've had bleeding more or less all the time, barely controlled with locally administered estrogen creams/pessaries, which have worked less and less well as time goes on.

The cause of the bleeding is I have little or no estrogen. There's no other problem - I've been checked out. My uterus is "paper" thin and weeping.

My gynae recently put me on HRT, mix of estrogen and progesteron (continuous), to stop the bleeding. He said I would experience some bleeding to start with. I started it on 5th April. So about week and a half ago. It stopped the bleeding completely. But then yesterday I had a small amount again, which I suppose is what he meant. I'm just wondering how long this "bleeding to begin with" might last, so I'll know if it goes on too long. Wish I'd asked him!