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Author Topic: The Guardian newspaper and Mediaplanet UK 2016 Menopause campaign.  (Read 7495 times)


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The Guardian Newspaper and Online, partnered with Mediaplanet UK, launch the 2016 Menopause campaign. Learn more about breaking the menopause taboo from key thought leaders from the links below:

Main Website

Twitter ( #womenshealthadvice )

Facebook ( #womenshealthadvice )

Instagram ( #womenshealthadvice )

Linkedin ( #womenshealthadvice )

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Re: The Guardian newspaper and Mediaplanet UK 2016 Menopause campaign.
« Reply #1 on: December 15, 2016, 12:17:16 AM »

This is great, hopefully will go some way to bringing the subject out into the light.

My male manager has been fantastic with me during this rather shaky time, he has even been talking to family friends about perimenopause and gets the unseen problems we have to go through. He even brought up the depression and suicidal feelings that can come with it.

I am very lucky to have him as my manager, it could be so much worse, he doesn't want to write me off as I bet happens to a lot of women in this situation, I know a lot of women end up leaving their jobs too because they feel they have lost their place.