Menopause Matters Magazine

Menopause Matters Magazine

Issue 51

In this issue:
My Menopause.
Dr Currie’s casebook.
A new year, a new you

Positive change coach
Why you need to get online too
You’re far too young!
Menopause & alcohol
Thank you woman’s hour
Safety of vaginal estrogen
Feeling depressed? hrt may help
Woman to woman

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March 2018.

The only magazine of its kind, specifically written for women who are approaching or experiencing the menopause.

Latest Article

surveyOur Survey said...

Results of a survey created to understand more about the challenges women face during this period of their lives.

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Issue 50

Winter 2017:
HRT not linked to early death.
Let’s dance.
CBT for menopausal symptoms.
POP: the silent epidemic.
Let’s talk about xenoestrogens.
Menopause and the UK economy.
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Issue 49

September 2017:
Women's Health
My Menopause
How a diagnosis saved our marriage
Our survey said...
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Issue 48

June 2017:
So what is the truth about HRT?
My menopause
Menopause and me – Kirsty Wark
How yoga can help
Postive pulse in Scotland
Keeping calm and carrying on
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Issue 47

March 2017:
Dr Currie's Casebook 
My Menopause 
Menopause at Work 
Woman to Woman
Top 10 truths about HRT
What a difference a diet makes
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