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Issue 57

Autumn 2019:
Sex after the Menopause
Coping with Menopause at work
CBT - What could it do for you?
HRT Shortages
Menopause and Hysterectomy
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Issue 56

Summer 2019:
Waking up to the Menopause
Let's keep talking HRT
Leaking is no laughing matter
Menopause in Parliament
Bioidenical HRT
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Issue 55

Spring 2019:
Working with menopause
Latest HRT study
Can the menopause ever be reversed?
How well do you know your hormones?
Vaginal atrophy
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Issue 54

Winter 2018:
Looking after your sexual wellbeing
Does your life need an audit?
Life without estrogen
You've got to move it, move it
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Issue 53

Autumn 2018:
Dr Currie's casebook
Just for fun
Alzheimer's & menopause
Beating the fatigue
Positive change coach
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Issue 52

Summer 2018:
Positive change coach
My menopause
Body talk
Small change, big gain
A weighty issue
The vitamin connection
Can you delay natural menopause?
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Issue 51

Spring 2018:
Positive change coach
Why you need to get online too
You’re far too young!
Menopause & alcohol
Thank you woman’s hour
Safety of vaginal estrogen
Feeling depressed? hrt may help
Woman to woman
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Issue 50

Winter 2017:
Dr Currie’s casebook.
My Menopause.
HRT not linked to early death.
Let’s dance.
CBT for menopausal symptoms.
POP: the silent epidemic.
Let’s talk about xenoestrogens.
Menopause and the UK economy.
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