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I have found my years subscription to the magazine to be incredibly informative - I immediately share copies with my friends who it has also really impacted on. It's truly been positively life changing.

Can I just say a huge "thankyou" you don't know just how much a benefit to me, reading this magazine has been!

Every quarter, I receive my copy of Menopause Matters and am impressed by the content. There is always one article that speaks to me, and answers my questions. Thank you for producing this magazine Heather, it's vital to have this resource, and to know that you are so thoroughly researching some of the issues that are neglected by the mainstream media

I'm so pleased with the magazines. My husband is reading them too so he understands why I'm up and down so much as well as all the other symptoms. He reads an article and then says 'have you read this bit about such and such as it sounds like what you're experiencing'??????

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