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Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators


This group have estrogenic activity on osteoporosis protection and cholestrol lowering effect with anti-oestrogenic effect on breast and no stimulatory effect on endometrium. They do not control vasomotor symptoms. Indicated for post menopausal women at risk of or with existing osteoporosis and who are unwilling or unable to take HRT. Presently only one SERM is available:


60 mgs once daily

£17.06 for 28

It is possible to change from HRT to Raloxifene if the patient is known to be post-menopausal--by having had at least 1 year amenorrhoea, or aged 54 or more.Since Raloxifene does not control vasomotor symptoms, worth having 1 month treatment-free following cessation of HRT, to assess if vasomotor symptoms are present. If so,consideration should be given as to whether to restart HRT, or commence Raloxifene and tolerate vasomotor symptoms.

UK Professional Area

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