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Treatment options > Calcium and Vitamin D

Calcium and Vitamin D supplements

Calcium and Vitamin D supplements can be used to prevent bone loss when dietary intake is low and should be given in addition to osteoporosis treatment if aged >70 or if aged <70 and dietary insufficient.
Aim to provide 1.2g calcium + 800u Vitamin D3 daily for the elderly, and 500mg-1.2g calcium + 250-800u Vitamin D3 daily for others.

Adcal-D3 tablet 600mg calcium
400iu D3
1 chewed twice daily £3.65 for 112
Adcal tablet 600mg calcium 1 chewed twice daily £4.87 for 100
Adcal D3 Dissolve  600mg calcium
400iu D3
1 dissolved in water twice daily £5.99 for 56
Cacit D3 sachet 500mg calcium
440iu D3
1 or 2 sachets in water daily £3.79 - £7.58
Efferv. tablet
500mg calcium 1-3 daily in water £4.35 - £13.05
Chewable tablet
500mg calcium
400iu D3
1 twice daily £3.34 for 60
Calcichew D3 forte
Chewable tablet
500mg calcium
400iu D3
2 daily £3.96 for 100
Calcichew D3
Chewable tablet
500mg calcium
200iu D3
2 daily £4.30 - £6.45
Chewable tablet
500mg calcium 2-3 daily £5.22 - £7.84
Calcichew forte
Chewable tablet
1g calcium 1-1.5 daily £6.14 for 60
Calcium -Sandoz syrup 108mg calcium
per 5mls
55-75mls daily £4.07 for 300mls
Calfovit D3
1200mg calcium
800iu D3
1 sachet in water
£4.03 for 30
Natecal D3 600mg calcium
400iu D3
1 chewed 1-2 times daily after meals £3.39 for 60
Sandocal 1000
Efferv. tablet
1g calcium 1-2 daily in water £6.45 for 30

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