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Menopause news

How does menopause really affect your sport, health and fitness?

3 September 2020

The menopause - how does it really affect a woman's sport, health and fitness? And what can they do to ameliorate the outcomes? - A call to action!

Menopause Matters, the award winning website and only national menopause print magazine is to work with The Women's Sports Network to produce MenoMojo. One in a series of manuals designed to help women & girls find their 'MoJo' through sport, exercise and wellbeing as they approach and enter life's changing natural stages - in this case the menopause.

The Women's Sports Network (WSNet), a not for profit community promoting issues and opportunities around women and sport, already have a series of MoJoManuals to help teenage girls overcome some of the many issues they face with competitive sport.

Paul Reynolds, Director of Communications for WSNet said: "MoJoManuals seemed an excellent platform to look at other pivotal points in women's lives and of course menopause is a key life stage. However, it appears to still, sadly, be poorly understood by many women, young and old and of course men too. We felt if we wanted to extend our educational reach and produce a wellness MenoMojo manual who better to work with than the longest-established specialist menopause print magazine and website, Menopause Matters."

Dr. Heather Currie, Managing Director of Menopause Matters, said: "We're delighted to be able to collaborate with The Women's Sports Network. The work they do reaches out to so many and the opportunity to work with them to help re-engage women with sport and exercise during their menopause is so exciting. Sharing and passing on knowledge that means women can stay fitter, stronger and healthier into later life is what Menopause Matters is all about."

Call for interest - The Menopause Matters and The Women's Sports Network team is keen to collaborate with menopause specialists and those researching in the field who may wish to contribute to the Menopause MoJoManual, or alert us to areas of interest/research - or act in a steering capacity.

More info here: In the first instance please make contact by emailing or

Download the full media release here

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