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Menopause news

Title Heart disease risk awareness.
Date 17 April 2012
Full Story Women should be more aware of their heart disease risk, particularly after the menopause. An excellent lecture at the recent European Menopause and Andropause Society conference explained the importance Cardiovascular disease (CVD) in women and how many deaths due to CVD are preventable.

In women, identifying and treating high blood pressure is especially important; a staggering 30 to 50% of menopausal women have high normal or high blood pressure. Reduction in diastolic Bp of 5-6mmHg is associated with a 40% decreased risk of stroke and a 25% decreased risk of Coronary Artery disease.

While focus on smoking cessation, diet and exercise is vitally important, increasing evidence is emerging that the use of HRT in the early menopausal years can also provide cardiovascular protection.

For more information on menopause and heart disease see

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