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Author Topic: Not enough choice in Conti regime patches for us older post menopausal ladies!  (Read 267 times)

Julia Dizzy

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Hi, so just having a bit of a rant ???... why is there only a choice of 2 conti patches for us ladies over 60? Can we not have a campaign for more choice???

We are all told total transdermal is safer for us, yet there is only Evorel conti and FemSeven conti available.
I have tried gel/patch/Utrogestan regimes in the past 18 months and still struggling to find the best for me. (although I haven't tried the Evorel one yet so far, maybe that's the next one to give a go?)
I have just had a little break from it all to see how I went, but hot flushes came back after 2 weeks which I hate so I am currently trying again and am on week 3 of Femseven conti (which don't stick very well and they leave red marks on my skin which last for ages and are itchy - and hot flushes still not completely disappeared yet...).. and have just had a little pale brown discharge this morning, first time ever had anything in all the time on the other regimes. Not bled for 13 years so don't want to have a sequi regime. I know my womb is ok as I had an ultrasound scan for IBS issues about 2 months ago - he had a good look round at everything and said the womb lining was fine and thin.

I used Indivina 1mg/2.5mg tablets for a year in 2011 2 years after periods stopped and the hot flushes were horrendous.. and was brilliant on those, why can't they make a patch with that combination of estradiol and medroxyprogesterone?? (Gp wanted me to stop those after a year at the time when HRT rules were different....wish I had known then what I know now and stayed on it longer!!)

I know there are still lots of other ladies struggling to find the right balance. If I don't take HRT my hot flushes return and VA (am on Vagifem every other day too) gets worse so I want to stay on it. The Meno clinic Dr said I was one of the unlucky ones who will probably always have hot flushes seeing as they haven't disappeared after 12 years!!

Any suggestions/comments truly welcome, what's your success story if you have one? Thanks x


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Can’t offer any advice as on oestrogen only (hysterectomy) but I was interested in what your GP said about hot flushes. Even though I’m on HRT I still get them and if I up the oestrogen I just get migraine. My GP also told me that some ladies never stop having hot flushes. If that’s the case I shall be the only red-faced corpse known to man! Like you I’d had them for 12 years. So, eventually at the ripe old age of 64 I went on HRT and still on it at 71.
Hope someone comes along to answer your other queries.