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Author Topic: Anyone understand what going on with me...  (Read 357 times)


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Anyone understand what going on with me...
« on: January 17, 2021, 02:28:58 PM »

Hi All,

I wonder if you have any advice...

I have been on HRT just short or two years and in the beginning it was life changing. I had evorel 50 patches and life was great!

Then the supply shortages happened and I tried a couple of pill variations and finally settled on femoston 1/10. It wasn't as good as Evorel patches but it was still better than having all of my previous symptoms (insomnia and anxiety being the two worst). When the patches came back into production I asked to be moved back across and used them for three months and my many of my original symptoms returned. I assumed I had just got used to femoston and went back on these (covid and not seeing the doc face-to-face makes it difficult to really explain what's going on).

However, now 4/5 months later, I am pretty miserable again. When I am taking the grey pill (estradiol and dydrogesterone) life is ok/good. When I am on the white pill (estradiol) it is pretty ugly. I am not sleeping again; but it is a different type of insomnia where I feel alert before i go to bed and I need to  force myself to bed for work in the morning. Then once i get to sleep I normally wake up between 3  and 4 times (struggle to get back to sleep) and feel like I have had a good drink (but I don't drink!!) and it is really groggy and disoriented.

I have lots of other symptoms return in these same two weeks (estradiol only), itching skin, burning mouth, low mood/sensitive, bladder control. These were previously being controlled by HRT. I am also pretty sure that HRT is causing me to have sinus related issues which on their own would be manageable but when every single week for months and you don't feel good it wears you down. I appreciate i am talking to those in similar situations.

Anyone had a similar experience of understand what happening with my fluctuating hormones ;0), advice would be appreciated.





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Re: Anyone understand what going on with me...
« Reply #1 on: January 17, 2021, 02:45:56 PM »

Yep.  Sounds familiar from where I'm sitting  ::)

As oestrogen levels drop muscles mayB lax = aches and pains and the body may become dry, inside and out: deep in the ears, nostrils, eyes, vagina, skin ....... it's The Change, does what it says on the tin.  And some  >:(  ::)

Allergies can also become troublesome.

MayB put the names of the products into the search box 2 C what pops up. Make notes ;-)
Changes can be scarey, even when we want them!