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Author Topic: Menopause Matters and BBC Breakfast in Wake up to the Menopause" week, May 2019  (Read 1580 times)


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During the week of 13th-17th May 2019,  BBC Breakfast is planning to feature something about menopause every day.

The week is called "Wake up to the Menopause," and its aim, alongside the team here at Menopause Matters, is to change the conversation and provide information so women are supported and know more about what to expect.

On Tuesday 14th May 2019 they will be filming live from Dumfries, Scotland, where Menopause Matters's own Dr Currie is based.

Watch out for news from us and help spread the word by sharing our posts at both

#MenopauseMatters @menomatters  and #BBCMenopause @BBCBreakfast
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I thought this was great bringing Menopause out into the open, encouraging people to share stories etc. I liked the Rockmymenopause website, including #pelvicfloorface  ;D Def worth watching, I'm sure there is something to learn for everyone over the week.
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