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Author Topic: Polyp advice  (Read 1501 times)

Flossie Fiddler

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Polyp advice
« on: August 20, 2014, 06:19:25 AM »

Hi there,

I started HRT back in March this year, been on Evorel Sequi and it's been brilliant, apart from my periods haven't settled into a regular pattern. I'm getting bleeds every couple of weeks. I mentioned this to the doc at my second appointment (3 months into my HRT) and she asked me to keep a detailed diary. My next appointment is on Sept 1st, but on 12th Aug, during my routine cervical screening, the nurse noticed that I have a small polyp, and said it could explain the irregular bleeding. It did bleed a lot when she took the cells as the polyp was right where she wanted to be.

She told me to keep my Sept 1st appt, but said if the bleeding won't stop, to ring and get a sooner appt. Today I have a dull lower back and abdomen ache, and the bleeding has started again. Sometimes it's just spotting, often not even bad enough for protection, and sometimes it's like a normal period. To be honest I don't even know now which is my normal period and which is perhaps caused by the polyp.

I'm bleeding again today, not loads at the moment, but it feel like I have period pain, not just a dull ache. Don't know whether to make a doc appt now, or just wait until 1st Sept.

What do you think?